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Street Gym: new pulldown and shoulder press.

Sep 7, 2020 | News

New pulldown and shoulder press for street gyms designed and manufactured in Spain.

The new pulldown and shoulder presses for urban gymnastics parks are 100% designed and manufactured in our factory in Zaragoza, Spain. Both urban gymnastics equipment use a novel and ingenious system that encapsulates the mechanism of action in a closed structure to protect users from any type of entrapment or shearing during use.

The design and operation of this outdoor gymnastic equipment has been reviewed and endorsed by a rehabilitation physiatrist and physician to ensure proper ergonomics and functionality, thus avoiding damage and injury to athletes.

The pulldown for public parks allows for the exercise of the dorsal width, major round, trapezium, infra-spinous, biceps brachii and anterior brachii. The shoulder press for bio-healthy parks trains the deltoids, triceps and clavicle bundle of the pectoral major.

This bio-health equipment is manufactured with high-quality weather-resistant materials. They are suitable for installation in public spaces with free access outdoors, green areas, parks and urban spaces.

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