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Properly installing a playground is as important as maintaining and inspecting it on a regular basis to ensure the safety of users of playgrounds and outdoor sports, both public and private. Only regular inspection by experts in playground and outdoor sport equipment can guarantee safe installations.

“The safety of users is guaranteed by applying proper maintenance.”


Industrias Agapito is certified by an independent agency to perform installation and maintenance services under the corresponding UNE EN 15312, UNE EN 1176 and UNE EN 16630 standards, applicable to the installation and maintenance of children’s areas, multi-sports courts, street gyms, bio-health circuits, playgrounds for the elderly, street workout or calisthenics areas…

” Industrias Agapito is certified for installation and maintenance.”

The maintenance of playgrounds and outdoor sports areas extends the life and quality of the installed equipment, allowing users to enjoy them under ideal safety and comfort conditions.

“The life and quality of the equipment is prolonged by maintenance.”


Our extensive experience in the sector allows us to safely and professionally meet the needs of town councils, schools, neighborhood associations and nurseries. Trust only professionals like Industrias Agapito, certified to perform the installation and maintenance service.

“We have been maintaining playgrounds for decades.”

Industrias Agapito, a company certified to maintain children’s playgrounds and outdoor sports areas, carries out on-site inspections under the strict guidelines of the latest applicable European regulations: UNE 147103:2001 planning and management of playgrounds; UNE-EN 1176:2018 equipment for children’s playgrounds and surfaces; UNE-EN 1177:2018 shock-absorbing playground equipment; UNE-EN 16630:2015 fixed outdoor sports equipment; UNE-EN 15312 for open-air sports equipment.

“Certificate issued by an independent agency.”