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Turnkey Projects

Our extensive experience as designers, manufacturers and installers, allows us to offer turnkey projects to our customers and execute the entire project. Trusting in Industrias Agapito brings with it the peace of mind of hiring the installation and total execution of the project to those who know the product and the applicable regulations best.

“The peace of mind of contracting the ones who know the product best.”


Industrias Agapito’s technical team, made up of specialist engineers and designers, is perfectly qualified and has the necessary experience for the proper planning and design of children’s playgrounds and street sport areas such as calisthenics, bio-health parks or free-access gyms, always in strict compliance with all the requirements of the European regulations in force at any given time for children’s and sports areas: UNE EN1176, UNE EN 16630, UNE 147102 IN, UNE-EN 1177, UNE-EN 15312 and UNE-EN 14974.

“Design of children’s areas and free- access street sports areas.”

We carry out the complete conditioning of the areas for the installation of children’s playgrounds, bio-healthy parks for the elderly or street gymnastic equipment: land conditioning, electric conduits and public lighting, land clearing, plumbing installations, supply conduits, execution of the concrete floors, paving of all types, planting of grass, placement of handrails, handrails and other accessories, prepared for this purpose.

“Land conditioning and civil work for children’s playgrounds and sports parks.”


By following procedures adapted to the UNE EN 1176/7:2009, UNE EN 16630:2015 and UNE EN 15312:2007 + A1:2011 standards, Industrias Agapito’s technical department carefully plans the installations to be carried out, generating all relevant technical documentation with precise and personalized assembly instructions and plans adapted to each situation so that our on-site professional installers can carry out the installation with maximum efficiency.

“Industrias Agapito offers an installation service under the standards UNE EN 1176/7:2009, UNE EN 16630:2015 and UNE EN 15312:2007 + A1:2011, certified by an independent ENAC-accredited agency.”

We apply safety flooring by means of children’s rubber tiles or on-site floors made with recycled rubber and EPDM in colors according to the requirements established by European regulations. We have been installing children’s safety flooring for several decades as professionals.

“Safety flooring for children’s playgrounds and street sport circuits.”


Industrias Agapito is certified by an independent agency to carry out installation and maintenance services under the corresponding UNE EN 15312:2007 + A1:2011, UNE EN 1176:2018 and UNE EN 16630:2015 standards applicable to the installation and maintenance of children’s areas; multisport courts; street gyms; bio-health circuits; senior citizens’ parks; street workout or calisthenics areas…

” Industrias Agapito is certified for installation and maintenance.”

Once the execution has been completed, we offer the service of an inspection and certification of the area under European regulations UNE-EN 16630, UNE-EN 1177, UNE 147103, UNE-EN 15312 and UNE-EN 1176 by an independent external ENAC-accredited agency.

“Certification of children’s areas and outdoor sport areas by an accredited agency.”


In accordance with ISO14001 environmental standards, not only does Industrias Agapito take care of the correct treatment of the waste generated in manufacturing, but also of the waste originated in the installation and maintenance of our products, managing them in the most appropriate way in each installation carried out.

“Industrias Agapito has an environmental management system in place that is certified according to the ISO14001 standard.”