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The Spooky Series for children Playsets in public spaces is composed by an attractive and functional set of Playsets,...View more
The Spooky Series for children Playsets in public spaces is composed by an attractive and functional set of Playsets, Springs, Slides, Swings and Little houses. Its bold and colorful design stands out, inspired in a funny Monsters family as a result of a singular  innovation and creative project. Its mission is to promote the youngest children imagination and facilitate them to experience their most enjoyable fantasies in a  controlled and safe entourage produced in compliance with the European Standards UNE EN 1176. The Monsters appearance Playsets are made of structural towers united amongst them by different systems such as rope bridges, movable bridges, bars or crawling tunnels. Through ramps, climbing walls, rope ladders and nets, the children will be able to access into the interior of the Monsters and exit by sliding through  HDPE slides, stainless steel slides, bars-slides or funny fire poles . The line is completed with a  free-standing slide made of a stainless steel ramp with HDPE on the sides. It has also a striking swing with stainless steel chains, available with different types of seats, from the typical  flat rubber seats to the  inclusive, nest-type or cradle ones. It has as well a very original  spring-riders design, one of them  inclusive , and some surprising  little HDPE houses ,  including an  inclusive model as well, adapted to children of diverse capacities. In the  manufacturing of this children line high density polyethylene with a high composition of  recycled plastic , which is covered by anti-slippery rubber in the required zones. The structures are made of galvanized Steel using a thermo-hardened polyester paint, offering a great resistance towards the outdoors and it is ensemble with stainless steel screws protected with polyamide caps. All the  Spooky Series  has followed very strict safety requirements and test methods in compliance with the  UNE EN 1176 standard  for public outdoor playground equipment, where each individual element is certified by an inspection agency  accredited by ENAC. View less

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