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Playkit playgrounds

Thematic children playgrounds based on animals and universe elements 

Comprehensive urban leisure projects

Over 40 years of experience designing and creating for you. Ask us to design your turn-key urban outdoor project.

Urban Sport

Stay in shape and help young athletes develop positive mental and physical well being with our urban sport line.

Playkit children playgrounds

New nature and universe themed children playground series Playkit, a funny wildlife lifes formed by koalas, snakis, little birds, owls, kittens… Playkit thematic playgrounds adjust to every budget keeping our usual quality and safety.

Thematic children playgrounds based on animals and universe elements


Spooky children playgrounds

Spooky children playgrounds are formed by a terrifyingly fun little monster family that will entertain the little ones in a safe and EN1176 compliant environment. Create attractive and functional thematic children areas with Spooky monster playgrounds.

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Discover our products

100% designed and manufactured in our factory in Zaragoza (Spain)



Playground ship “Ibizan Fishing Boat”

Playground ship “Ibizan Fishing Boat” New Ibizan fishing boat playset for children’s playgrounds Introducing the new Ibizan fishing boat playset available in inclusive version for...

Six new playgrounds installed in Zaragoza

Six new playgrounds installed in Zaragoza The residents of Zaragoza enjoy 6 new playgrounds manufactured and installed by Industrias Agapito. The 6 new children’s playgrounds installed in...

New giant themed towers

New giant themed towers Introducing the new giant themed towers inspired by nature, snowman, firehouses and robotics. We have enlarged our catalog of themed playsets with four new giant towers for...

New Galactica themed playset

New Galactica themed playset A new themed playset inspired by space, Martians and the international space station The new and unique Galactica playset is a highly themed play structure with elements...

“Patagonia” children’s themed multi-play structure

HOMEJan 20, 2020 Multi-play structure for beaches and playgrounds themed with sea elements The Patagonia themed playset is an original large multi-play structure themed with sea, beach and coastal...

“La Niña” Playground Ship

HOMEJan 20, 2020 New children’s ship for public playgrounds “La Niña” inspired by the ancient caravels that discovered the Americas. “La Niña” playground ship is a large themed...

New children’s castles for public playgrounds

HOMEJan 20, 2020 The Citadel and Enchanted Castle are the two new large themed playsets for public playgrounds that are incorporated into the theme series of children’s games.  Both unique...
Papelera urbana tapa abatible inoxidable F

Uniquely-designed urban Block litter bin

HOMEJan 20, 2020 The New Block litter bin is robust and vandal-proof, but elegant and stylish at the same time. The urban Block litter bin is exclusively designed by the litter bin manufacturer...

Industrias Agapito at “The Big 5” Exhibition

Industrias Agapito will be exhibiting all its novelties and products at “The Big 5”, the largest event on construction in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. From November 23rd to 26th, we will be assisting all our customers in one of…


New image and new website

Industrias Agapito is a fifth-generation family business with more than 100 years of history that has been evolving and adapting to new contexts and situations. Nowadays, our urban equipment factory is one of…


parque-tematico-infantil-monster 585

Spooky Theme Playground

An endearing family of Spooky monsters has decided to set up shop at this playground in the province of Seville, in southern Spain. The themed children’s area boasts an original and detailed design with a high degree of theming in each of the playsets…


Senior Playground at the Foyer Saint-Joseph Social Medical Center, Switzerland

The Foyer Saint-Joseph Social Medical Center in the town of Fribourg, Switzerland, has installed a complete circuit of bio-healthy equipment for the elderly in its gardens, manufactured by Industrias Agapito…


22 calisthenics parks installed in Madrid

The execution of these 22 urban calisthenics parks involved its civil works, manufacture, supply, installation and subsequent inspection and certification under the European standard EN 16630 by…


Children’s playground installed in Qurm, Oman

Children’s playground installed in Qurm, Oman Complete children’s playground installed on an idyllic beach in Qurm, Oman. This complete playground, designed and manufactured by...

Installation of an inclusive playground

All children, regardless of their physical condition, have the right to play. Fulfilling this right is possible with inclusive playgrounds. Thanks to playgrounds adapted for children with limited mobility…


Brazil: stainless steel playgrounds for beaches

A coastal municipality in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, purchased several playgrounds and urban fitness equipment made of stainless steel to be installed in the area around its beaches and seaside promenades. A beautiful environment that…


Chile: inclusive playset and calisthenics area

Date: September 2020. Location: Punta Arenas, Chile. Project: Inclusive playground and calisthenics area. HOME Inclusive playground and calisthenics equipment installed in Punta Arenas, Chile  This...

Installation of turnkey playgrounds

Date: May 2019. Location: Madrid, Spain. Project: Turnkey playground. HOME We are children outdoor playground manufacturers, specialized in the construction of turn-key playground projects Our more...

Calisthenics equipment in Marrachí, Balearic Islands

The municipality of Marrachí, located in the Balearic Islands, has installed a calisthenics area in Parque Mediterraneo in order to…


Inclusive playground: ASPACE Gipuzkoa

A complete inclusive playground with playground equipment adapted for children with special needs. ASPACE Gizpukoa has an inclusive playground adapted for children with disabilities, equipped with certified children’s games in accordance with European safety standard EN-1176.

Over 40 years of experience

Outdoor playground equipment manufacturer

In Industrias Agapito factory, we have been designing manufacturing and assembling children playground equipment for more than 40 years, certified under the European standard EN1176. A long experience that allows us to provide the highest quality and safety to all our playground equipment for outdoor playgrounds. Trust our professionals to carry out your urban leisure project. We have been working for decades for city councils, construction companies, architects, neighborhood communities, schools, day-care centers…uarderías…

Themed games for outdoor playgrounds

We put together themed parks for children full of originality and creativity with a high degree of certified theming and suitable for free access public environments. Pirate ships, castles, forts and fortresses for children, Monster-theme parks, Martian and UFO-themed parks, sea-themed parks for beaches… Check out all the possibilities. We are experts in the design and planning of themed playgrounds. Visit our photo gallery about themed games for children.

Calisthenics equipment for outdoor workout areas

Calisthenics are the ideal option to promote urban sport among young people and sportsmen. Industrias Agapito manufactures calisthenics certified under the European standard EN16630 suitable for creating outdoor workout areas and ideal for municipalities, schools, public areas… Visit our photo gallery about street workout areas and calisthenics equipment.

Senior Playgrounds for healthy aging

Industrias Agapito is at the forefront of the design and manufacture of weather-resistant urban senior equipment. We design and manufacture the highest quality gymnastic equipment for the elderly, developed entirely by a rehabilitation doctor and a physiotherapist. All senior playground stations are certified under the European standard EN16630. Visit our photo gallery of senior playgrounds and urban gymnastic equipment. Every day, more and more city councils are betting on the health of their neighbors by installing parks for the elderly in their streets.

Outdoor gyms to encourage good habits

Industrias Agapito has the most modern and safe range outdoor gym equipment designed and manufactured in Spain. Robust, reliable and vandal-proof public access gymnastics stations. Designed for outdoor exercise, they improve users’ flexibility, balance, breathing capacity and resistance. All outdoor gym equipment is certified under European standard EN16630. Visit our photo gallery of outdoor gymnastics parks. The ideal investment that every city council should make.

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