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New Galactica themed playset

Mar 26, 2021 | News

A new themed playset inspired by space, Martians and the international space station

The new and unique Galactica playset is a highly themed play structure with elements of space and the universe where the little ones can live numerous adventures discovering Martians, exploring new planets or sailing the universe

One of the largest towers, the Martian Guardian, is equipped with two large pipe slides, a polyethylene slide, a fireman’s pole, climbing walls and platforms at different heights. Next to this Martian leader, there is a large meteorite and a meteorite shower with climbing elements and climbing walls.

The international space station consists of a large 8-meter-high tower with pipe slides, ramps, bridges, climbing nets and platforms at different heights. The international space station is connected to the rocket shuttle and the satellite research ship by bridges and play towers that simulate the vast space formed by planets and satellites. In this area, there are more ramps, climbing walls, polyethylene slides and the tornado spinning element

The Galactica themed playset is available in two versions. The full version requires 540 square meters of space and includes the international space station play area as well as the Martian play area with all its play elements. The second version is smaller as it does not include the Martian play area and can be installed in an area of 380 square meters

For further information, please contact our sales department. We will be pleased to help you.

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