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  • Location: Estremadura, Spain.
  • Projet: Playgrounds, calisthenics and agility.

Children’s playground and calisthenics in Cáceres

Caceres trusts Industrias Agapito to equip the city’s reference park with playsets and sports equipment.

Cáceres has entrusted Industrias Agapito with the manufacture and assembly of three playgrounds, a calisthenics area and a dog agility circuit in the most important park in the city: Parque el Príncipe

Among the three playgrounds, the children’s area called “Adventure Zone” stands out, featuring the large thematic multi-play structure The Great Fortress. A children’s castle for playgrounds capable of entertaining 50 children. It consists of a large tower over 7 meters high with two pipe slides connected to the rest of the towers by moving walkways, climbing steps, climbing walls, and a crawling tunnel. Next to this great colossus, a themed zip line, a double rope pyramid and three custom-made stainless steel slope slides have been installed.

One of the playgrounds has been designed for young children and equipped with early stimulation playground equipment, a wooden playset and playground equipment adapted for children with disabilities. The other playground, called the “Climbing Zone,” is equipped with a climbing wall, a swing with a nest seat, a carousel and the “Tribox for All” integration playset, which incorporates interactive panels for learning Braille and sign language.

For street workout enthusiasts, a calisthenics area has been installed, consisting of a large structure of poles and bars at different heights for performing calisthenics routines, including vertical and horizontal ladders and a zig-zag element. Around the workout structure, double and triple parallel bars, balance poles, push-up bars, an abdominal bench, a calisthenics rack, and jumping and balancing points have been installed.

The agility area of the Parque del Príncipe has been designed and equipped with the users of this sport in mind, where the dog, accompanied by its owner, performs speed, strength and dexterity exercises on the different agility elements such as the jumping wall, jumping fence, agility wheel, agility tunnel, dog slalom, see-saw, agility table and balance walkway. An ideal dog park design to enjoy with our pets the sport and the outdoors.

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