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Calisthenics equipment in Algeciras

Oct 14, 2020 | News

Outdoor sports promoted in Algeciras through several street workout equipment.

A few years ago, the Municipality of Algeciras decided to invest in setting up several areas for public calisthenics in its territory, aiming at encouraging the emergence of groups of young athletes such as the Aerial Gladiators, which sends us pictures practicing street workout routines in one of their favorite places, the calisthenics equipment of Industrias Agapito installed on the Getares beach, Algeciras.

The Aerial Gladiators calisthenics club made up of young people from Algeciras is one of the groups that regularly practices in the various street workout facilities installed in public spaces. A group of young people, boys and girls of different ages, that train and practice complicated calisthenics routines with discipline in order to be able to perform complicated calisthenics tricks. To learn more about these young athletes, please visit their Instagram account: @aerial_gladiators.

The calisthenics equipment installed in public spaces, such as beaches, parks and squares, encourage the socialization and the practice of sport among the youngest. An urban leisure alternative, which is becoming increasingly popular and brings numerous benefits to those who use it, both physical and psychological. For more information about calisthenics equipment and its benefits, please contact our technical sales team.

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