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The result of an exceptionally innovative and creative project brings the launch of a fun new themed series of monsters for playgrounds. This motley group of multi-colored Monsters form an attractive and functional set of multi-play structures, spring riders, slides, swings, and playhouses designed to be installed in openly accessible public spaces.

multijuego spooky parques publicos


A comprehensive and innovative themed series of playground equipment for public parks


Standing out with their eye-catching bold and modern design, based on a fun family of monsters of all sizes, colors, and shapes, this series is designed to promote little ones’ imagination so they can have great adventures in a safe and controlled environment manufactured by Industrias Agapito.

A children’s playground of large-scale monsters that form multi-play structures linked together by various systems, such as rope-bridges, moving bridges, bars or crawl tunnels. They are equipped with ramps, climbing frames, climbing walls, rope ladders, and nets, and are designed so children can have fun in total safety. They are completed with polyethylene slides, stainless steel slides, banister slides, or fun fireman’s poles.

tobogan polietileno multijuegos

The self-supporting polyethylene slide features a stainless steel ramp, and the funny one-eyed Clumsy swing is available with flat rubber seats and cradle seats for babies. Jolly spring riders and smiling playhouses complete the series. One of the sets of spring riders has been adapted for differently abled children and one of the playhouses is adapted for wheelchair use. Both have been designed to create inclusive play areas.

juegos imaginativos y muelles certificados UNE EN 1176

Interactive and inclusive games for playgrounds


Every corner of these ingenious monsters features interactive games for all. From games to help learn math, to games to learn integration languages—such as the sign language alphabet—or to develop fine psychomotor skills. There are panels to learn English, discover colors, or find out your height.

juegos interactivos y educativos

Children’s play equipment made of galvanized steel and high-density polyethylene


A children’s range for public parks made with top-quality materials designed to withstand use in outdoor public environments without surveillance. The panels are machined from high density polyethylene with more than 60% recycled plastic, and protected with a non-slip rubber coating in the necessary areas. The structures are made of galvanized steel painted with thermoset polyester paint, making them highly resistant to weathering, and are assembled with stainless screws protected with polyamide caps.

multijuegos certificados para colegios

Safe children’s play equipment certified under EN1176


Each and every element that makes up this themed range of funny and colorful monster play equipment for playgrounds for public parks is certified under European standard UNE EN 1176 for children’s play equipment installed in outdoors spaces. An inspection agency accredited by ENAC issues the certificates, having met the stringent safety requirements and test methods of EN1176 standard for equipment for play areas in public parks.

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