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The children’s ship for public spaces “The Phantom Caravel” has been specially designed

to develop creativity and promote social skills amongst children in a controlled and safe environment. This themed base children´s pirate ship has a capacity for almost 100 crew members, it is composed of 32 additional games, lots of them interactive, two polyethylene curved slides, diverse different access and plenty of details and decorations that make of it the ideal one for children’s themed base playgrounds.

From this secured and anti-vandalism themed base game for children’s Playgrounds, in compliance with the european standards for children’s Playgrounds EN1176, we can outline its endless number of safe pirates themed base games.

Games that any children’s ship game should have such as stainless steel and polyethylene moving telescope and rudder, adjustable cannons or jail to lock up the rascals. As well as interactive fun games based on Redbeard Pirate theme such as ‘The compass’, ‘Save to Pinocchio’ from the whale’s stomach, the ‘Wave photocall’, and the interactive panel ‘Find the letter’ o the interactive panel ‘Word search’ where we have to find cute marine animals.

Each corner of this giant children’s ship has been designed and thought in order to stimulate the imagination of the young crew-members who dare to sail on it and have great adventures while they cross the pending bridge or the crawling tunnel, scale a climbing wall or a ropes ladder, or slide through the Fireman poll  or the polyethylene slides.

Two majestic pirate sails guarded by the parrots and monkeys of the wicked Redbeard pirate underline the profile of this magnificent children’s pirate ship conceived for children’s public playgrounds and free access zones.

It is made of high density, maintenance-free and anti-graffiti  polyethylene, galvanized steel structure with thermoset polyester paint, anti-vandalism polycarbonate skylights and stainless screws which make of it the ideal option for public zones in the non-monitored municipal zones.



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