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Carousels for all! Integration carousels.

Jul 14, 2020 | News

Check out Industrias Agapito’s integration carousels for disabled children and children in wheelchairs.

Industrias Agapito is committed to the integration of all children in playsets for playgrounds by including in its catalog several models suitable for children with reduced mobility and children in wheelchairs.

The integration carousels are aimed at children with special needs, allowing them not only to play in public playgrounds, but also to be integrated and included in normal life.

R4507 Integration Carousel

The R4507 Carousel For All is a rotating playset suitable for children in wheelchairs that fosters integration and team play between up to 9 children, one of whom is in a wheelchair.

R4502 Flying Integration Carousel

The R4502 Flying Carousel is an inclusive rotating playset with a modern and innovative design covered with anti-graffiti polyethylene, ideal for outdoor playgrounds.

R4505 Rotating Integration Bowl

The R4505 tilting and rotating bowl is suitable for children with reduced mobility. bowl shape surrounds the child and helps to retain him/her inside.

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