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The district of Hortaleza, Madrid, has a new 325 m2 children’s playground fitted with a variety of children’s play equipment, certified and approved for Madrid, from the manufacturer Industrias Agapito.

Industrias Agapito has delivered this turnkey project, handling everything from dismantling the old rubber floor and laying the concrete slab, to completing it with the installation and assembly of the playground equipment in accordance with safety standard EN1176 and the on-site application of shock-absorbing rubber flooring in accordance with standard EN1177.

In the playground there is a variety of children’s play equipment adapted for disabled children, such as a nest swing, a tilted carousel suitable for children with reduced mobility, an inclusive spring-rider, a double adapted spring-rider with easy access from wheelchairs and a flying rotating carousel.
The playground is protected with a multi-coloured children’s metal fence and each of the pieces of equipment has a rubberised safety zone in accordance with European standards EN1176 and EN1177. The open spaces between the safety areas have been painted with weatherproof playground paint, creating an original and creative play space.
A swing with rubber seats and two multi-play structures, consisting of stainless steel slides, sliding bars, climbing frames, polyethylene ramps, and moving walkways complete the new outdoor playground at Villa Rosa-Paco Caño in Madrid:

We invite you to watch the video showing the construction of this playground in Madrid, from the phase of removing the old shock-absorbing rubber and laying the concrete floor, to the installation and assembly of the playground and the application of the safety rubber:

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