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ninos jugando parque infantil publico
ninos jugando parque infantil publico
ninos jugando parque infantil publico
r4255p multijuego spooky certificado en
multijuego parques infantiles certificado en1176 3d
multijuego modular tematico monster juegos educativos 3d
multijuego modular tematico juegos educativos 3d
multijuego areas infantiles publicas 3d
parque infantil claraboya
r4255p accesos divertidos
r4255p juegos interacivos
r4255p parque publico spooky certificado
r4255p parque spooky epdm certificado
r4255p puente colgante
r4255p puente entre plataformas
r4255p puente rodcodromo
r4255p rocodromo de acceso

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3 - 12
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multijuego modular tematico juegos educativos 2dplano multijuego modular tematico juegos educativos 2d

The Spooky Cliff themed multi-play structure consists of three original monster-shaped towers, 6 monsters, two slides, interactive play panels in English, and climbing ramps, with a capacity for up to 25 users.

The Spooky Cliff multi-play structure for playgrounds consists of three original towers consisting of 6 monsters full of themed games to have fun with. Safe and secure, it has been manufactured and certified according to the regulations for playgrounds UNE EN 1176. Children will have terrific adventures climbing between monsters with nets and climbing walls, walking over moving bridges, and sliding down polyethylene or stainless steel slides. With a capacity for up to 25 users, it is perfect for public parks and outdoor play areas.

• Thermo-hardened polyester painted galvanized tubed hexagonal structures of 50x50 mm thickness.
• HDPE panels of 19 mm thickness made with more than 60% recycled plastic, maintenance-free and anti-graffiti
• HDPE or stainless steel slides.
• Platforms and ramps made of 21 mm thick non-slip rubber coated polyethylene.
• Flexible rubber suspension bridge of 12 mm thickness, reinforced with high-resistance industrial textiles.
• Polycarbonate windows especially designed for outdoors.
• Polyamide ropes of Ø16 mm reinforced with 6-strand steel core.
• Polyamide protective caps.
• Stainless steel screws and bolts.
• Fixations: zinc-coated / hot-dip galvanized steel.
• Certified under EN1176.

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