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  • Date: 2020.
  • Location: Foyer Saint-Joseph, Swiss.
  • Project: Senior Playgrounds.

Senior Playground at the Foyer Saint-Joseph Social Medical Center, Switzerland

Senior Playground installed at the Foyer Saint-Joseph Medical and Social Center in Fribourg, Switzerland.

The Foyer Saint-Joseph Social Medical Center in the town of Fribourg, Switzerland, has installed a complete circuit of bio-healthy equipment for the elderly in its gardens, manufactured by Industrias Agapito.

Nine bio-healthy stations for seniors are installed along a 235-meter gently sloping promenade protected by glass galleries and a canopy, a pioneering measure in the area that allows the use of the fitness equipment outdoors during windy or rainy days.

By installing this senior playground, the Foyer Saint-Joseph aims to promote outdoor physical exercise for its residents, thus generating a significant positive impact on their well-being and health. A proposal for entertainment and physical activity aimed at the elderly that improves the quality of life of the elderly by exercising all muscle groups, limbs and joints while walking, socializing and chatting with other residents.

The senior playground consists of several bio-healthy elements adapted for people in wheelchairs such as the adapted shoulder wheel screen, the adapted screen with finger stairs and the adapted screen for wrist and fist twisting exercises. Other elements such as the bench with pedals or the bench with psychomotor discs allow both wheelchair users and people without wheelchairs to use them. Last but not least, the double arm-twisting bio-healthy equipment together with the ladder and ramp stations and the obstacle course complete this circuit in the town of Fribourg. 

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