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Installation of an inclusive playground

19th March 2021
All children, regardless of their physical condition, have the right to play. Fulfilling this right is possible with inclusive playgrounds. Thanks to playgrounds adapted for children with limited mobility...
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Brazil: stainless steel playgrounds for beaches

2nd March 2021
A coastal municipality in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, purchased several playgrounds and urban fitness equipment made of stainless steel to be installed in the area around its beaches and seaside promenades. A beautiful environment that...
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Calisthenics equipment in Marrachí, Balearic Islands

14th December 2020
The municipality of Marrachí, located in the Balearic Islands, has installed a calisthenics area in Parque Mediterraneo in order to...
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Inclusive playground: ASPACE Gipuzkoa

30th November 2020
A complete inclusive playground with playground equipment adapted for children with special needs. ASPACE Gizpukoa has an inclusive playground adapted for children with disabilities, equipped with certified children’s games in accordance with European safety standard EN-1176.
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Calisthenics park installed in Albacete, Spain

16th November 2020
The Municipality of Albacete makes available to its citizens a 275 square meter street workout area for outdoor calisthenics and routines...
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Playground with EPDM 3D shapes

19th October 2020
Thanks to the 3D games made with EPDM, the rubberized safety floor takes prominence becoming an original children's game. An ideal complement for playgrounds...
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A fortress in Moscow! A 215 square-meter Medieval Castle.

5th October 2020
The city of Moscow has installed an impressive medieval castle for unique playgrounds consisting of eight towers, one of which is over 7 meters high...
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Slide into the Playground! Evacuation Tube Slide

7th August 2020
The British School of Aragon has installed a spiral tube slide to slide into the playground!
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Street Gym in Singapore

30th June 2020
Industrias Agapito's street gym is being well received in Singapore, one of the countries with the highest per capita income worldwide, located in Southeast Asia. Its tropical climate and proximity to the sea tests the outdoor engineering and resistance of these gym sets with very satisfactory results.
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Nforma circuits in Brasil

12th September 2016
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Playground in Abu Dhabi

20th December 2012
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