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6th February 2020
The residents of Bétera, Valencia, can now enjoy a new 175 m2 themed children’s playground populated by a terrifying family of monsters ready to entertain any child who dares to traverse the children’s polyethylene fence and walk on the multi-coloured rubber. This open-access themed children’s play area is highly colourful and has a wide variety […]
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6th February 2020
The district of Hortaleza, Madrid, has a new 325 m2 children’s playground fitted with a variety of children’s play equipment, certified and approved for Madrid, from the manufacturer Industrias Agapito. Industrias Agapito has delivered this turnkey project, handling everything from dismantling the old rubber floor and laying the concrete slab, to completing it with the […]
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12th December 2019
The Carabela Fantasma (Phantom Caravel) pirate ship and the La Fortaleza (The Fortress) castle, inspired by the tenth century Cártama fortress, are the two giants that stand out in the Parque el Castillo (Castle Park), a 1,300 m2 outdoor themed children’s playground located in the municipality of Cártama, Malaga. This play area also features several […]
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25th November 2019
Children’s playground equipment from manufacturers Industrias Agapito has come to one of the most important commercial and business centers in Singapore, Suntec City, located in the Marina Center, a sub-area of ​​the Financial District of Singapore. This urban development project, composed of five buildings, houses international exhibition and convention areas, various embassies, including those of […]
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1st August 2019
Skateparks are booming and demand for them grows every day among the residents of our towns and neighborhoods. In addition to skateboarding activities, skateparks can also be used for other types of roller sports such as inline skating and scootering, as well as BMX. There are many benefits of doing sport in skateparks:   Involves using […]
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7th July 2019
Dubai, one of the seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates, now boasts new playgrounds and gym equipment manufactured by Industrias Agapito in its public parks. It is worth noting the demanding level of quality required for the playground and gym equipment installed in this project, due to the extreme climatic conditions they must […]
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9th April 2019
Móstoles already boasts new calisthenics equipment certified under UNE-EN 16630:2015 standard, located in Avenida de la Constitución and Avenida de los Sauces within the municipality. The two public workout areas cover 264 square meters in total and are covered with sand to cushion calisthenics users from potential falls.   Calisthenics equipment is an ideal choice […]
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7th November 2018
Children and adults at the city of Foshan (China) can now enjoy this attractive Playground, which includes playsets and spring riders from the TRIBOX Serie. The leisure area comprises as well of an bio-healthy circuit with fitness equipment from the Outdoor Gym and Senior Playground series, containing elements such as the double waist turning station […]
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20th February 2018
Nice playground area which protagonist is the dangling Tribox playset, completed with a nest Tribox swing, a little fish spring rider, a little sharks seesaw and an archs carousel.     Result of a tender from the city of Braga (Portugal) this careful installation comes to brighten a quiet residential neighborhood.     Find our […]
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16th January 2018
This beautiful integration area has been installed in San Sebastián.   It includes an inclusive playset, the fire station park, which includes itself several educational play panels, some in Braille and in sign language, a ramp adapted to its use with wheelchair and a special double width slide..   The playground also features an inclusive […]
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2nd January 2018
At the southern end of our neighboring country, in the beautiful Faro region, an inclusive fire station park has been installed. It allows its use by any child, including those with disabilities who move in a wheelchair. It also includes playing panels with skill games, 3 in a row, interactive elements and imaginative decorations to […]
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15th December 2017
It is on synthetic grass and in the heart of the incomparable views of the massif of the Esterel that a triple Veleta playset and a “flying carousel” have been installed, for the children of the surroundings and those of passage’s amusement.   Our Veleta series playgrounds are children’s assurance of playing on attractive, modern […]
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New children playground in the United Arab Emirates

5th December 2017
Around the invariably spectacular classic version of the Galleon and under shade covering, as usually in these latitudes, early stimulation play equipmenst such as the brachiation ladder and the “ramp and stairs” have been installed, helping children to develop their psychomotor skills as well as their physical potential while playing;  a comfortable Veleta table, where […]
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1st September 2017
  Morges (Switzerland) inhabitants can now enjoy this recently installed Calisthenics circuit.   This Street Workout circuit is composed of a triple parallel bar (1.2 meter), an abdominal bench and a 9-post Street Workout set.     The Street Workout set consists of wall bars, hanging rings, a climber, a zigzag, a monkey bar, a […]
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16th August 2017
  New children playgrounds in Coslada (Madrid), where inclusive and early stimulation ranges have been prioritized and with the”Fire truck”  inclusive playset as the main protagonist.     Other inclusive Playground elements have also been installed: integration swings, adapted spring riders, carousels, seesaws and various early stimulation items complete these new playgrounds.     All […]
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31th July 2017
  Langaryd’s inhabitants can now enjoy their new multisport course. This area allow to practice football and basketball. In addition, they can be equipped to play hockey, tennis and volleyball. The surface can be covered with artificial grass.     The Multi Use Game Area can be completed by different front walls:   – With […]
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OUTDOOR GYM in Cuarte de Huerva (Zaragoza)

12th July 2017
    Teenagers and adults of Cuarte de Huerva (Zaragoza) can now train on this Outdoor Gym area certified under EN16630: 2015.     This outdoor gym area allows them to use the elliptical cross-trainer, the sky walker station, the sit-up bench, the leg press, rowing machine and lat pull station, the seated  bench press […]
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PLAYGROUND in Switzerland

4th July 2017
  A new Tribox playground has been installed in Chexbres (Switzerland)     The Spider Tribox playset is componed by two triangular towers with roof and various play activities such as the spider’s web or the slide, available in polyethylene or in stainless steel.     The installation includes a wetpour soft surfacing for the […]
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Agility course for dogs in Valencia

26th April 2017
  It’s a complete Agility circuit formed by a hurdle, a dog seesaw, a dogwalk, a dog jumping tyre, an agility slalom and a agility table   The Dog Agility Course meets the requirements of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale’s regulation. Manufactured with robust and anti-vandalism materials these Agility obstacles are specially designed for installation in […]
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Children playgrounds in Logroño

13th March 2017
  Three complete children playground have been installed in the city of Logroño. All are composed of a Tribox playset as the main element and are complemented by various swings, springs riders, seesaws, panels activities and little houses. Several of the play equipments are adapted for children with different abilities. All areas are covered with […]
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Calisthenics circuit in Fuenlabrada (Madrid)

17th February 2017
  The installation of this new calisthenics equipment area for the municipality aims to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants  and offers young people values such as self-improvement and respect through sport. The street workout equipment installed is certified under the European Standard EN16630 and  made of resistant and anti-vandalism materials for its […]
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Inclusive playground in Castellón

18th January 2017
  The Pirate Ship for All is an inclusive children playset in which children with different abilities can have fun with total safety. This playset is the protagonist of the accesible children's Playground area, which is completed with a colorful fencing for children's play areas and a safety rubber tiles flooring. Inclusive swings adapted for […]
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Muscat’s (Oman) children playgrounds

4th January 2017
  Several new playgrounds in the Omani city of Muscat. Playsets are the main protagonists of these children's areas, complemented by swings, slides, spring riders, seesaws, climbing structures. Inclusive playsets are also present in many areas. Play area’s flooring finishes have been made with rubber safety tiles to protect children from falls.
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Tribox playground in Fréjus (France)

1st December 2016
TRIBOX DELTA Playset is the protagonist of this new Tribox Playground in the charming town of Fréjus, on the French Riviera. Tribox Playsets can be completed with swings, springs riders, carousels and seesaws. Make sure to check the latest Tribox inclusive playgrounds, suitable for children with disabilities.
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Healthy circuit in Betera (Valencia)

23th November 2016
A complete outdoor gym with cardio and strength training equipment has been installed in Bétera (Valencia). The bio-healthy circuit elements installed in an area with a large crowds of athletes, allow exercise at any time in the day. The Healthy circuit is formed by: elliptical cross-trainer, bike, sky walker station, waist turning station, swinger station, […]
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Collarada park in Utebo (Zaragoza)

16th November 2016
New playgrounds and sports areas in Utebo. Two new children playground areas have been installed recently. The Tribox Playground area includes a large Tribox Zigzag playset, a play structure that can be used by 30 children simultaneously. It is formed by play towers, slides, climbing ramps, spinner playground, climbing walls, suspension bridges, climbing post, rope […]
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Veleta playground in Onda (Castellon)

10th November 2016
  GREAT VELETA and VELETA BRIDGE playsets are the protagonists of this vast playground in Onda, complemented with a wet-pour safety flooring that includes a hopscotch .
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Children playground in la Eliana (Valencia)

2nd November 2016
  Fun Veleta serie Playground in La Eliana (Valencia) The area includes all kinds of playvalues for different ages, and includes an integration swing for children with disabilities More information about the Veleta Series:  
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Sporting circuits in Javea (Alicante)

27th October 2016
  Staying fit on the beach is possible, Beach Volleyball and N-forma circuit equipments at Arenal beach from Javea (Alicante) demostrate it. Ideal for a diversified sport practice both in summer and winter. The facilities are located very close to the promenade, to facilitate their use throughout the year.
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Outdoor multisport course in Villareal (Castellón)

13th October 2016
Villareal's athletes can play football and basketball without leaving this Muga Pitch in the heart of the city. Agapito Industries's outdoor Multisport Courses are the perfect solution for locating multiple sports facilities in a confined space. They always include football and basketball, and they can optionally be equipped for tennis, volleyball and hockey, as well […]
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Playground in Ontinyent (Valencia)

28th September 2016
Several playset equip Plaza Maestro Ferrero in the municipality of Ontinyent, a busy square where children can enjoy three structures from Tribox Series and Veleta Series.
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Nforma circuits in Brasil

12th September 2016
  NFORMA Circuits Installation on several Brazilian beaches begins. Made of AISI316 stainless steel and of high density polyethylene, the optimal materials for installation on the beach itself. NFORMA circuits are great healthy elements for sport practicing throughout the year. More information:
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Children plaground in Torla (Huesca)

13th May 2016
A colorful children playground area has been installed in the heart of the Ordesa Valley in the Pyrenees. It is formed by two playset units for bigger and smaller kids, children swings, climbing structures, spring animals and an inclusive playground, the crawling tunnel for early stimulation, a playground that allows children with special needs play […]
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Early stimulation circuit in Zaragoza

3rd December 2015
  Specially designed for children from 0 to 6 years, it encourages learning from early childhood of basic aspects of child development: • Sensory stimulation, especially sight, hearing and touch • The basic motor skills: crawling, walking, balance, brachiating • Knowledge of basic elements such as colors, light, shapes, textures, time, sound, language, numbers • […]
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Parque Tribox en Faustegoiena

28th September 2015
  This colorful playground has been installed in the town of Faustegoiena / Durango in Vizcaya for enjoyment of all residents of the area.   SPIDER TRIBOX MultiSet is complemented with a swing, a “triple surf” and “star” balance game and a Little house-store.   A Tribox Playground area sign and a colorful EPDM wetpour […]
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Children playground in Basauri (Vizcaya)

31th July 2015
This playground area has everything a child could ask for: a big four-tower playset, with multiple additional games, a swing, seasaws, a get-together house and bumps with a lot of fun.   Installation was completed with a tribox fence for higher safety, a playground sign and colorful wet-pour EPDM floorin.
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Sports facilities in Zaragoza

5th June 2015
Torres de Berrellén expands its sports proposal. The municipality has purchased a complete Senior Playground area and a Multisport Course for practicing football, basketball and handball, both for adults and seniors physical activity. All equipments are strictly certified under the European safety standards EN16630 and EN15312.
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Tribox playgrounds in Australia

12th March 2015
  Tribox playgrounds are a hit in our projects abroad. On the images, several playsets of this successful  series, installed in different Australian cities.
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Sheraton hotel in Doha (Qatar)

16th January 2015
The Sheraton hotel in Doha (Qatar) has recently installed a new playground featuring Industrias Agapito products. This marine-themed park consists of the pirate ship “The Galleon”, a little fish slide, Tribox swing, carousel and a little sharks see-saw. The play area is enclosed by our Tribox fence. Our local partner has completed the installation with […]
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Promenade playground in Brazil

11th December 2014
  A new playground has been installed on a beautiful Brazilian beach. It is formed by the pirate ship “Galeon” and a three-dimensional pyramid, both high-capacity playgrounds for this busy beach area.  
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New Playground areas in Onda (Castellon) - Spain

19th November 2014
Based on TRIBOX and VELETA series, we have projected diverse playground areas, mixing creative play structures, traditional games painted on the floor, and high-capacity structures for this city park, always full of kids.
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Multisports facility in Orkoien

20th October 2014
The new multisports facility in this municipality of Navarre provides sportspeople with a place to play basketball, five-a-side football, handball and hockey. The facility features adapted access for wheelchair users. Industrias Agapito has manufactured and installed this sports facility, carrying out the necessary prior civil works to prepare the existing terrain. Our multisports facilities are […]
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Tribox Playground in the city of Prague

11th September 2014
A new TRIBOX playground has been designed and installed for the City Council of Prague by the local partner of Industrias Agapito. The SPINNING TRIBOX playset as the main element, in combination with a swing, little house and several seesaws, furnish this lovely city park.
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Anaklia Sunbed on the Black Sea

22th July 2014
Our Anaklia Sunbeds are equipping the Black Sea promenades in Georgia. Manufactured with very high quality materials, AISI316 stainless steel structure and recycled plastic, they can be installed right by the sea or any other aggressive environment. The design of Anaklia sunbed street furniture, very ergonomic, is ideal to be used for all-year-round relaxation. DESIGN […]
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Giant Tribox in France

9th May 2014
A new Tribox Playground área has been installed in France. The biggest playset of the series, GIANT TRIBOX, was selected for this spectacular installation in the region of Midi-Pyrénées.
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Seafront boulevard - Batumi (Georgia)

4th February 2014
This iconic boulevard in Batumi, the main tourist resort in Georgia on the Black Sea coast, has been equipped with the DOMO Series, in its polyethylene and recycled plastic versions. The project won the prestigious “International Architecture Award for 2012. The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture & Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art […]
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Senior playground in Rogau (Germany)

27th August 2013
The German city of Rogau, near Frankfurt, has opened a large sports area based on the SENIORS PLAYGROUND and STREET GYM series by Industrias Agapito. Many of the components are suitable for people with disabilities. The area comes complete with street furniture. The products in our sports circuits are certified by TÜV according to German […]
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Tribox Playpark in São Paulo (Brazil)

20th August 2013
A new playground by Industrias Agapito has been installed in the exclusive Jardims district in the center of São Paulo. Once again, the TRIBOX Series was chosen for this project due to the high quality of its materials and its innovative style. Brazilian-produced rubber tiles ensure adequate cushioning across the entire surface of the playground. […]
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Sports equipment in Braga (Portugal)

19th August 2013
A complete sports training circuit, from Industrias Agapito's VITA CIRCUIT series, has been installed in the Écovia do Rio Este in Braga (Portugal).   The equipment is specially designed and manufactured for natural environments, in autoclave treated Scots Pine and galvanized steel, with a high quality finish. The facilities are finished off with bicycle parking, […]
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La Paz Park in Barbastro (Huesca)

14th August 2013
A large playground has been built in Barbastro (Huesca) with a GIANT TRIBOX multiplay structure and a colourful EPDM rubber cushioned floor. The GIANT TRIBOX is a large multiplay structure with play areas for children of all ages. It consists of 7 towers, one of which is hexagonal, and more than fifteen additional play units: […]
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Street Furniture in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

10th June 2013
Benches, tables, waste bins and bicycle parking facilities have recently been installed in various residential areas in the city of Dubai. All the furniture is made from wood from forests with FSC certification in sustainable forest management. The high quality of our materials and our meticulous production methods ensure our products durability in these extreme […]
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Playground in Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates)

20th May 2013
A new children's playground has been installed in the city of Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. The playpark consists of 2 multiplay units from our Classic Series, swings and several sets of spring riders and balancing games. Exposed to an extreme climate, our children's games provide fun and games for the children […]
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Playground in Anoeta (Guipuzcoa)

15th May 2013
A new TRIBOX playground has been installed in Anoeta (Guipuzcoa). The park consists of a TRIBOX MINIDELTA MULTIPLAY, swing, playhouse and balancing game The EPDM rubber cushioned floor completes the playground, to ensure the park is used in total safety. The components of the Tribox series are carefully designed in the same style, and harmonize […]
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Playground in Argoños (Cantabria)

24th April 2013
On this occasion, Industrias Agapito's Classic Series was chosen for a playground in Argoños (Cantabria), for its design, high quality and extreme safety. With the big American style Monster-Truck game as the centerpiece, the playground is completed with swings and a pyramidal climbing net.
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Bicycle-praking in the city of Zaragoza

27th March 2013
Over 200 individual bicycle-parking facilities have been installed in different parts of the city. The project aims to improve infrastructure in Zaragoza for the use of bicycles as a means of transport, which is increasingly more widespread.
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Playgrounds and fitness circuits in Seville

11th March 2013
Agapito Industries has completed the installation of playgrounds at the CIUDAD DE LA IMAGEN in Seville. Seven themed play areas and fitness circuits have been designed, manufactured and installed entirely by Industrias Agapito. The playgrounds are finished with an EPDM rubber cushioned floor – brightly colored and with an attractive design featuring cinema-themed motifs, as […]
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Giant Tribox in Utebo (Zaragoza)

13th February 2013
The GIANT TRIBOX multiplay unit, which comprises more than 20 games in a single structure, is the centrepiece of this large play area of 300 m2, in the town of Utebo (Zaragoza). For safety, colourful cushioned EPDM rubber flooring has been installed, in compliance with European safety standards EN-1176, as always. The result is an […]
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Senior Playgrounds in Waremme y Andenne (Belgium)

4th February 2013
Seniors in the Belgian cities of Varemme and Andenne can now enjoy various leisure and exercise areas with the Senior Parks from Industrias Agapito. The apparatus are specially designed for carrying out gentle and effective exercise, minimising injuries. Some are suitable for people with disabilities. Our Senior Parks have been certified by TÜV according to […]
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Playgrounds in Sueca (Valencia)

25th January 2013
Children in Sueca can now enjoy two new playgrounds in Mareny Blau and Paseo Marítimo. The new children's playgrounds include multiplay units from the Veleta Series, swings, slides, spring riders and balancing games. Choosing playground equipment made from materials that are highly resistant to aggressive environments, such as the marine environment, is essential to ensure […]
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Playground in Abu Dhabi

20th December 2012
Games from the successful TRIBOX series have been installed at a nursery school in the city of Abu Dhabi. Given the young age of the users, games were chosen that are suitable for very young children, such as the Tribox Crawling multiplay unit, which helps stimulate motor skills in children aged 1-3 years. A prestigious […]
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Playgrounds in Arroyomolinos (Madrid)

26th November 2012
Agapito Industries has manufactured the playground equipment for this iconic work by the company Dragados SA, “LANDSCAPING AND ADAPTING OF THE SOUTH SIDE OF AVENIDA UNION EUROPEA” in Arroyomolinos (Madrid). The various play areas include games from our Tribox and Classic series, a pyramidal climbing net, a large sky rider and several custom-made slides in […]
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Senior Playground in the Czech Republic

25th November 2012
Senior citizens in the cities and Příbram and Žinkovy in the Czech Republic, can now exercise on equipment specifically developed for them, TÜV certified according to German Standard DIN79000:2012. The Senior Playgrounds installed include double benches with double pedals, double benches with double arm bikes, double benches with one set of pedals and one Böheler […]
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Playground in Carreño (Asturias)

25th November 2012
The children of Carreño can now enjoy this new playground, comprised of attractive and safe games from the TRIBOX Series.
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Playgrounds and fitness areas in the Pyrenees

5th October 2012
Several playgrounds and sports areas have been installed in the district of Alto Gállego in Huesca. The playparks are available for use by the high number of tourists visiting the area, both in winter – due to the proximity of the ski resorts of Formigal and Panticosa, and summer – owing to the wonderful hiking […]
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Spiral Tower in Figarol (Navarra)

30th September 2012
Agapito Industries has designed and manufactured the new Spiral observation tower for the Laguna Dos Reinos in Figarol (Navarra), a 5m tall structure made of steel and autoclave-treated wood. The tower was made following the same design as the original Spiral Tower, which was constructed over 50 years ago by Theodore Agapito, but it has […]
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Nforma Circuits in the region of Valencia

20th September 2012
16 new Nforma circuits have been installed on beaches in the region of Valencia. Manufactured in AISI316 stainless steel and high-density polyethylene, the high quality of the materials permits these sports circuits to be installed directly on the beach. Agapito Industries specialises in the manufacture of equipment especially for beaches. Visit our products in the […]
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Playground in Jumeirah - Dubai

11th September 2012
A new Tribox facility for young children has been installed in the Jumeirah residential area in the city of Dubai. The playground is located near the iconic Burj Al Arab (The Sail) hotel, which can be seen behind the playground in the photos. The TRIBOX series is a bestseller in the Persian Gulf countries, who […]
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Tribox in Sabiñánigo (Huesca)

31th July 2012
The children of Sabiñánigo can now enjoy new TRIBOX play facilities. In this case we have installed an area for very young children, from only one year old, with the TRIBOX MINIDELTA as its centrepiece. The play area is completed with fun balancing games, spring riders, swings and a fence. Agapito Industries will carry out […]
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Children's and Senior Playgrounds in Orkoyen

20th July 2012
A mixed playground, with a children's area and an exercise zone for seniors, has been installed in Orkoyen. The playground consists of TRIBOX games, with a DANGLING TRIBOX multiplay unit as its centrepiece. The playground is completed with a nest swing and sunflower balancing game, both suitable for children with disabilities, a triple-surf balancing game, […]
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Playgrounds in Tordera (Barcelona)

25th April 2012
Industrias Agapito has installed three playgrounds at the new headquarters of Massimo Dutti in Tordera (Barcelona). An area for small children has been installed, with the multiplay unit Tribox Crawling as its centrepiece, an area for older children, with the TRIBOX DELTA as the main game, and a third zone with a pyramidal climbing net.
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Playground in Eibar (Guipuzcoa)

30th January 2012
A new playground in Eibar, featuring the All-in-one Multiplay from the Tribox Series, a nest swing suitable for disabled children, a Lobe spring rider and a climbing structure. The area is completed with a colourful continuous floor in EPDM.
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68 bio-health areas in Avila

23th January 2012
Industrias Agapito has completed the installation of 68 bio-health areas in municipalities in the district of Barco-Piedrahíta-Gredos in Avila, featuring components from our Senior Playground and Street Gym lines. Due to the outstanding value for money of our products, Agapito Industries has been awarded one of the biggest public contracts of the year for bio-health […]
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Playground São Paulo (Brazil)

30th November 2011
Industrias Agapito installed a pyramidal climbing net in one of the largest urban parks in São Paulo (Brazil).
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