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Playground ship “Ibizan Fishing Boat”

Jul 20, 2021 | News

New Ibizan fishing boat playset for children’s playgrounds

Introducing the new Ibizan fishing boat playset available in inclusive version for outdoor playgrounds designed with a high degree of theming and equipped with several educational games adapted for children with different abilities

It is a large ship playset that allows access to the deck by wheelchairs and incorporates various interactive and educational games on the starboard and port sides, such as the Braille Clock to discover the numbers in Braille, the panel to learn the alphabet with sign language, the Accessible Helm to crew the ship, the Math-quiz panel that will test the calculation skills of the crew members or the educational panel in English Fruit Finder

The installation of adapted playground equipment allows the inclusion of children with disabilities in the playgrounds, promoting shared fun and relationships among all children. Inclusive games that include Braille or sign language help children to empathize with children who are regular users of these forms of communication

The Ibizan children’s boat for playgrounds is completely themed with marine elements such as the anchor, sea waves, lifeguards, portholes or cheerful jumping fish. It includes areas for chatting and playing, tables and benches that promote socializing, an access gangway to launch the rascals to the sharks, a climbing net, a climbing ladder, a polyethylene slide, a climbing wall, several viewpoints and an original photocall.

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