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“Patagonia” children’s themed multi-play structure

Mar 12, 2021 | News

Multi-play structure for beaches and playgrounds themed with sea elements

The Patagonia themed playset is an original large multi-play structure themed with sea, beach and coastal elements. It is a completely themed play structure capable of entertaining up to 80 children in an environment designed and manufactured under the requirements EN-1176 Standard. In this singular playset, children will be able to play at being sailors, explorers or marine biologists while they enjoy great adventures outdoors.

The big tower featured in this themed multi-play structure is 8 meters high and is equipped with two pipe slides. It simulates a lighthouse from which the bravest ones can scan the horizon in search of clueless ships or warn their companions of the arrival of the next storm.

At the bottom of this unique play structure, there is a scientific research submarine navigating the ocean among colorful fish, killer whales and various sea animals. From the submarine, the children will be able to see the coast through the periscope or to cover the diving suit to explore the depths of the sea in search of treasures and marine monsters.

Not only do seagulls inhabit this themed multi-play children’s playset, there is also a giant crab that will try to catch the absent-minded sailors with its two huge claws. If the giant crab catches them, they will be able to escape from their jaws by sliding down the polyethylene slide.

Please, contact our technical sales department for all the further information you might need about this new themed multi-play structure for beaches and playgrounds. We will be pleased to help you.

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