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Móstoles already boasts new calisthenics equipment certified under UNE-EN 16630:2015 standard, located in Avenida de la Constitución and Avenida de los Sauces within the municipality. The two public workout areas cover 264 square meters in total and are covered with sand to cushion calisthenics users from potential falls.


area calistenia estructura barras diferentes alturas

Calisthenics equipment is an ideal choice to promote outdoor sports among the youth. This training system uses only the body’s own weight and consists of performing physical exercises on bar equipment placed in various forms at different heights. Unlike anaerobic exercise on gym machines, which strengthen muscle groups in isolation, calisthenics aims to achieve an all-round physical improvement. Flexibility and general motor coordination are developed.


zona workout certificada ayuntamiento mostoles

For the calisthenics project completed in Móstoles, two custom-made calisthenics structures were designed according to the city council’s specific needs and requirements. Each structure is formed of a double vertical wall bars, a brachiation ladder, and several bars placed in different positions. They constitute a perfect combination, allowing users to perform anything from the most basic exercises to complex and sophisticated calisthenics tricks.


estructura calistenia barras paralelas mostoles avenida sauces

These custom-made street workout structures are complemented by two pairs of parallel bars at different heights, a set of three push-up bars at three heights, a double pomme horse especially designed for performing calisthenics, and a sit-ups bench. All this apparatus successfully provides the area with a complete set of equipment to practice calisthenics at all levels in a safe and controlled environment.


zona calistenia mostoles certificada EN-16630

All the apparatus has passed the rigorous safety tests of standard UNE-EN 16630:2015 for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment and the area has been inspected and certified by an independent inspection agency accredited by ENAC.

At Industrias Agapito we have an extensive and complete range of Street Workout equipment with a wide range of configuration possibilities that allow us to meet the needs of any public calisthenics area. The following photo gallery of callisthenics apparatus presents examples of actual installations from our Calistreetnia range.