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The city of Bétera, Valencia, has installed a Monster-themed playground featuring an entire family of Spooky monsters.

The residents of the city of Bétera, Valencia, can now enjoy a new 175 m2 themed children’s playground populated by a terrifying family of monsters ready to entertain any child who dares to traverse the children’s polyethylene fence and walk on the multi-coloured rubber.

This open-access themed children’s play area is highly colourful and has a wide variety of children’s play equipment, among which the multi-play structure stands out with its three towers decorated with large-scale monsters, consisting of polyethylene walkways, ramps and slides, R4255 Spooky Cliff.

Also found in the playground is a fun Clumsy swing with a baby seat and a flat rubber seat, and next to it is a novel polyethylene combine harvester in the course of harvesting.

An adapted spring-rider for children with disabilities, together with a Spooky Cyclops double spring-rider with a big bulging eye and a single-seat children’s spring-rider make up the seesaw area which also features a Triple Surf seesaw fitted with elastic pieces that act as a cushioning system.

All the children’s play equipment is certified under the European standard EN1176, and the installation has been inspected and certified by an ENAC accredited agent according to UNE 147103, EN 1176, and EN 1177 standards to guarantee the total safety and peace of mind of users.

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multijuego tematico monster hdpe
multijueto singular monstruitos
multijuego tematico monster hdpe
multijueto singular monstruitos
columpio certificado parques infantiles
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juego tematico agricultura
juego tematico cosechadora infantil certificado

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