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Industrias Agapito installs a skatepark in San Mateo de Gállego.

Skateparks are booming and demand for them grows every day among the residents of our towns and neighborhoods. In addition to skateboarding activities, skateparks can also be used for other types of roller sports such as inline skating and scootering, as well as BMX.

There are many benefits of doing sport in skateparks: 

  •  Involves using and coordinating your whole body.
  • Encourages healthy relationships between sportspeople and creates social ties.
  •  Increases self-esteem through achieving goals and surpassing yourself.
  • Reduces stress and improves emotional states.
  • Activates the cardiovascular system.
  • Increases flexibility and stamina.
  • Improves balance and coordination.
  • Develops strength

In San Mateo de Gállego the people are aware of the advantages of investing in outdoor skate equipment and have put their trust in skatepark manufacturers Industrias Agapito for the purchase of the skatepark that has recently been installed in their town. The skatepark project in San Mateo de Gállego, Zaragoza, consists of the following five elements arranged in an area prepared for skateboarding:

  • Bank ramp  
  • Quarter pipe
  • Fly box  
  • Grind rail  
  • Grind box

Here at Industrias Agapito, we build our skateparks using structures and enclosures made from birch plywood panels manufactured with phenolic resin to make them weatherproof, and treated wooden joists. The rolling surface has two layers, making it cheaper to replace when it wears out, as only the top layer need be changed. Hot-galvanized steel safety barriers, handrails, finishings, copings, transition thresholds and grind rails complete the skate obstacles, making them safe and resistant. The machine-tooled dovetailed joints between plywood panels are precisely numerically controlled, making the ramps very strong and hard-wearing. Further protection is added to the edges of the rolling surfaces by means of galvanized steel sheets and coping, thereby guaranteeing high durability.

In the Agapito Industries Skatepark Catalog you can find a multitude of modular skatepark equipment to configure your own ideal skatepark adapted to your requirements. An entire modular system is used to form a myriad of possible skateparks, from simple skateparks to complex facilities formed of half pipes and various fly box modules, skate ramps, quarter pipes, etc. in a wide range of sizes and heights.

All skatepark equipment manufactured by Agapito Industries is certified under European safety regulations EN 14974:2006+A12010.

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