Free fall height

User age

Children and adults at the city of Foshan (China) can now enjoy this attractive Playground, which includes playsets and spring riders from the TRIBOX Serie. The leisure area comprises as well of an bio-healthy circuit with fitness equipment from the Outdoor Gym and Senior Playground series, containing elements such as the double waist turning station R7130, the obstacle walkway R7150, the leg press R7262 or the seated chest press station R7264.

With the installation of this cross-generational park, the citizens have at their disposal a new public space where children can amuse themselves in a wide diversity of Playsets while adults and seniors can exercise with the healthy equipment.



The installed Playsets, manufactured by Industrias Agapito, are certified following the european standadars EN-1176:2017 while the outdoor fitness stations, produced by Industrias Agapito as well, are certified following the UNE-EN 16630:2015 – Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment – Safety requirements and test methods

According to the European Standard UNE-EN 1177:2009 about Impact absorbing playground surfacing, the area has been protected with continuous rubber floor R4420 with the adequate thickness for each of the game’s free height of fall.

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