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  • Date: June 2020.
  • Location: Aragón, España.
  • Project: Tobogán de evacuación.

Slide into the Playground! Evacuation Tube Slide

The British School of Aragon has installed a spiral tube slide to slide into the playground!

Industrias Agapito’s evacuation tube slides revolutionize the way children go out on the playground!

At British School of Aragon, children have a new and exciting way to go out to the playground through a 7.5-meter spiral tube slide. This is really going out to the playground! The upper part of the tunnel slide is transparent and the inside of the slide can be seen from the outside, and a rubberized safety area has been installed at the exit to catch the children.

The grotto-shaped evacuation slide is ideal for schools, shopping centers, urban spaces and playgrounds. It can be used for multiple functions, such as:

  • A playground.
  • One more exit to the playground.
  • A gymnastics or workout circuit.
  • An access to a shopping center floors
  • An urban slide.
  • Even as an additional means of evacuation in case of emergency (please, check your local legislation in advance)

The children’s tube slide is available in different materials:

  • Stainless steel.
  • Polyethylene.
  • Polyester with fiberglass.

The evacuation slides may include additional accessories, such as:

  • Polyethylene anti-climbing sign.
  • Security access door (customizable).

We adapt to your needs to develop the project as you require, as well as the complete assembly and installation and its subsequent certification under the EN1176 standard by an independent entity certified by ENAC.

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tobogan tubo gigante espiral
tobogan espiral parque infantil
tobogan tubo gigante espiral infantil
tablero antitrepa tobogan
tobogan tubo transparente
tobogan tubo parque infantil
tobogan evacuacion
entrada tobogan espiral puerta

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