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The manufacturer Industrias Agapito has installed a certified children’s playground and gym equipment area in a public space in Dubai.

Dubai, one of the seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates, now boasts new playgrounds and gym equipment manufactured by Industrias Agapito in its public parks. It is worth noting the demanding level of quality required for the playground and gym equipment installed in this project, due to the extreme climatic conditions they must endure.

The project consists of three children’s play areas and a fourth street gym area, all equipped with components certified under European safety regulation EN-1176.

One of the playgrounds is equipped with a Minidelta Tribox R4285 multi-play structure with three towers and two slides for the little ones, together with a double-sided spring rider The Frog R4640 and a Tribox Swing R4110M fitted with a flat seat and a cradle seat for babies. A Flying Carousel R4502 and a Double Lobe R4683 spring rider for two users complete this publicly accessible play area.

Beside the previous area, we find another children’s play area equipped with two multi-play structures. One is a Rocking Tribox R4296 multi-play structure with three towers and two slides: a polyethylene slide, and a bar slide. The other, a 6-Door Juga R5308 multi-play structure, is the outcome of extensive research on children’s development through play carried out by a group of architects and designers who created the Juga Series. Also installed in the children’s play area are a Motorbike R4660 spring rider, a Spinning Top R4504 carousel with a tilted axis, The Little Sharks R4010 seesaw with shock absorbing spring, and an Inclusive Spring Rider R4613 for children with different abilities.

In the largest children’s play area installed in this project there is a Pirate Ship R4262 manufactured from high-density polyethylene and Nordic pine. This children’s boat is equipped with numerous features designed to trigger little ones’ imagination in a safe and controlled environment. Within this play area, we also find early stimulation items designed especially for children up to three years of age, such as the Ramp and Ladders for Early Stimulation R5203 and the Brachiation Ladder for Early Stimulation R5201.


There is further playground equipment with a modern design, including The Arcs Carousel R4501, a Tribox Swing R4110 with flat rubber seats, an inclusive Nest Tribox Swing R4112, and a Bubbles R4715 seesaw equipped with a rubber spinner that provides resistance to torsion and cushions the movement so children can play safely. In this play area, there is also a children’s Veleta Table R5028 manufactured entirely from polyethylene and treated Scots pine wood.

Finally, this project installed in Dubai features an outdoor fitness area installed in one of the entrances to the zone. This area comprises two Swinger Stations R7232, a Sky Walker Station R7226, and a set of Tai Chi Spinners R7266 offering users the opportunity to practice outdoor sports on safe equipment certified under European standard EN-16630. These gym machines are perfectly adapted to extreme climates and will endure many years of continuous exposure to the harsh weather conditions in this Arab Emirate.

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