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A new Senior Park from Agapito Industries in Slovenia

Proyecto: Senior Playground

Fecha: September 2023

Ubicación: Slovenia

Seniors in the residence can exercise thanks to the new Agapito Industries senior playground that keeps them agile.

The Dom upokojencev Šmarje pri Jelšah senior residence in Slovenia has a new senior playground by INDUSTRIAS AGAPITO made up of products aimed at elderly people and whose purpose is to offer them a safe alternative to practice daily exercises in order not to lose mobility. and encourage agility, both physical and mental.

The Senior Playground at the residence is made up of very diverse products, the purpose of which is to work on the different parts of the body. To exercise the circular movement of both shoulders and promote synchronization of movements, it was decided to incorporate the double arm wheel, an inclusive station adapted for use with a wheelchair.

For psychomotor movement, a recycled chair with a psychomotor labyrinth was incorporated. It is an ideal device to exercise the rotation movement of the ankle thanks to its rotary movement, while at the same time various cognitive functions of orientation and gnosia are stimulated. The labyrinth is made of high-density polyethylene with non-slip rubber for greater user comfort.

The double helix station exercises the entire arm together: consecutive pronation and supination turns, flexion and extension of the elbow, and elevation and descent of the shoulder.

A product aimed at moving and exercising the legs especially is the walkway with ramp and stairs perfect for activating the body and moving the lower joints in complete safety as it has robust railings so that older people can lean on.

Specially for Alzheimer’s, a double bench with double mentalcube was supplied. Also exercises your mind through the two rotating posts with panels that contain exercises indicated in cases of Alzheimer’s and senile dementia. It helps stimulate the following cognitive functions: praxias (voluntary control of intentional movements), memory, orientation, gnosias (recognition of shapes, sounds, times…), calculation and language.

All installed products are endorsed by a rehabilitation doctor and physiotherapist.

The work carried out by the company Imex Trade was completed at the end of last month and the seniors of the residence are already enjoying their new INDUSTRIAS AGAPITO exercise park, which will be a great ally to improve their quality of life.