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gimnasio en la calle aire libre ayuntamiento
gimnasio en la calle aire libre ayuntamiento

The outdoor gym of Industrias Agapito, success in the Netherlands

Proyecto: Outdoor gym

Fecha: May 2023

Ubicación: Netherlands

Industrias Agapito senior playground has several bio-healthy devices in order to improve flexibility, balance and resistance.

Agapito Industries conquers Laarbek, a municipality in the Netherlands, with its Outdoor Gym. This sports circuit has been combined with various elements of the Senior Playground range, and is especially aimed at the elderly, although it can be used by people of lower age.
The Outdoor Gym, located near an apartment complex and in a green area with plenty of trees, has blended in perfectly with the environment. The residents of the area are very happy with the incorporation of this sports circuit that will allow them to exercise at the time they want and in a pleasant environment.
In addition, the City Council has organized a weekly supervised sports hour, so that seniors can carry out their exercises safely and are taught to use the most complex devices. Other activities are also planned to be organized by professional physiotherapists.
The installed equipment consists of several bio-healthy elements: R7130 double waist twist, R7160 bench with double arm bicycle, R7162 self passive, armchairs with Bohler plate, with Freeman table and with R7131SR / R7134SR / R7136SR bicycle, elliptical and suspension walker R7210 / R7226 and a R7262 leg press.