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  • Location: Patmos island, Greece.
  • Project: Playgrounds.

Playgrounds in Greece

Several playgrounds installed on the Greek island of Patmos.

Three playgrounds designed by the manufacturer Industrias Agapito were installed on the slopes of the Patmos Island, in Greece. A stunning place that will impress all visitors.

The largest of the installed playgrounds has an inclusive children’s pirate ship in the center that allows access to the deck by children in wheelchairs and features interactive and educational games on the sides.

A calisthenics equipment was installed at the stern of the children’s ship, consisting of round steel poles and bars at different heights, a vertical exercise ladder and the zigzag element. Next to this calisthenics structure is a calisthenics rack for street workout routines.

Opposite the prow of the children’s pirate ship is the little house The Store and a seesaws area, including the inclusive Spooky Fluffy spring rider. The area also has Spooky Fluffy themed swings, wooden Veleta swings, a playground slide and a children’s merry-go-round.

In one of the playgrounds, Spooky Fluffy themed playground equipment was installed, including the Footbridge monster-themed multigame decorated with 4 large monsters, the Spooky Fluffy swings with cradle and flat seats, an inclusive spring rider, a double spring rider, a seesaw suitable for children with disabilities and the Locomotive themed playground equipment.

Lastly, the third of the playgrounds was installed on the top of one of the hills overlooking the sea next to some old windmills. In the center of this playground, there is a Veleta wooden multiplayground next to a hexagonal climbing frame with two Spooky Fluffy themed swings on one side, and several spring riders on the other side, two of which are adapted spring riders, and an imaginative Locomotive game.

Otros Proyectos

Inclusive playground arrives in Aragon with the Ibizan-style pirate ship

Inclusive playground arrives in Aragon with the Ibizan-style pirate ship

The first ever Ibizan-style galleon playset installed by the brand makes landfall in the main park of the Zaragoza town of . This recreational park, known as Parque Central, is located next to the banks of the Arba de Biel river and has numerous plant species and long paths that are now complemented by a renovated children’s play are themed on the “sea” series.

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