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New urban scooter racks

Oct 26, 2020 | News

New galvanized steel scooter rack for municipalities, schools, sports centers, sidewalks and public places.

The design and manufacture of these new galvanized steel scooter racks arise to meet the need by citizens for urban scooter racks in public spaces. The new mobility is here to stay and the use of scooters to move around in cities is already commonplace.

Both scooter racks are modular and have optimized dimensions to occupy spaces in parking lots. Two robust and resistant scooter racks, resistant to weathering and designed to be installed in public spaces such as squares, parks and sidewalks.

They have an anti-reverse hook that facilitates parking and it is possible to secure the parked scooters with any type of lock or chain. They have a capacity to hold up to 7 or 12 scooters depending on the model. For more information, please contact our technical sales department.





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