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  • Location: Marocco.
  • Project: Playgrounds.

New children playgrounds and street workout equipment landing in Morocco

Morocco welcomes more children playgrounds, calisthenics and fitness equipment, manufactured by Industrias Agapito


The Galeón Playset has been chosen by Tanger municipality as the flagship of the new playgrounds deployment made by the city with highest growth rate in the north of Morocco, country with which Industrias Agapito collaborates creating and renovating children playgrounds and sports equipment in 2014 through its professional local partner, who deploys the installation and civil works for these recreation areas. 

This impressive ship with more than 9 m long, with north pine laminated wood structure, is adapted to be enjoyed by children with different abilities. It can host 25 children, with ages between 3 and 14 years, and has a panel with alphabet in sign language, math-quiz, accesible helm, braille clock, fruit finder, educational panel in English; or chat and playground areas, benches, rocking gateway access, climbing and stair net and theming engraved on bicolor polyehylene. 

The Pirate Galeon, that belongs to the new sea thematic series, was not the only one to arrive to the por town. Besides the espectacular ship, we installed several Tribox series playsets; including  playsets with platforms, slides, ramps, nets, crawling tubes, spring animals, 5 swings and even an inclusive carousel to be used with wheelchairs.


Calisthenics and fitness playgrounds also arrived to Tanger

At the same time, Tanger municipality decide to provide adults and seniors with robust public infrastructures, manufactured with galvanized steel, thought and designed by our technical department, to help citizens to keep fit, flexible and improve respiratory capacity, resistance and balance.

Several vita circuit modules (design with a perfect aesthetics for natural enviroments with red pine wood and galvanized fixings); de street workout, that includes the  9 posts set for suspension exercise (formed by fixed bars with different heights, a swedish bar, zig-zag, monkey bars, dance floor, vertical bars and multi grip pull up bar) and other parallel bars modules to do pull-ups and squats. In our youtube channel you can see tutorials to train with different levels and exercises for all street workout series.

Last, outdoor gym series stations like shoulder press, eliptical bike or exercise tower (all of them manufactured with galvanized steel and hdpe panels) were the ones chosen to complete the last delivery of Industrias Agapito equipment in Tanger

Places were the fitness and children playgrounds are installed

Playgrounds were installed in the green urban areas of Bir Chifa y Rahrah, Villa Harris Garden (where the pirate ship is installed), as well as Tanger medine.

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Inclusive playground arrives in Aragon with the Ibizan-style pirate ship

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