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New children playground in the United Arab Emirates

Around the invariably spectacular classic version of the Galleon and under shade covering, as usually in these latitudes, early stimulation play equipmenst such as the brachiation ladder and the “ramp and stairs” have been installed, helping children to develop their psychomotor skills as well as their physical potential while playing;  a comfortable Veleta table, where children can socialize, has also been installed. In addition to the mentioned items an “archs” carrousel, whose impressive and secure rotation always fascinates children and a  “bubbles” seesaw, that allows playing together by pairs have also been installed. The children most concerned with the physical dimension of playing will benefit from the hexagonal shape monkey bar.


The children's playground is complemented by a double Tribox swing  with flat seats and another swing of the same series with a nest seat, allowing disabled children to swing safely.



Thanks to its variety he wide range of Agaplay amuses even the most demanding children and those with the most diverse abilities.


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