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barco pirata parque infantil espana
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barco pirata parques infantiles ejea caballeros zaragoza espana
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Inclusive playground arrives in Aragon with the Ibizan-style pirate ship

Project: Inclusive playground
Date: January 2022
Location: Ejea de los Caballeros, Zaragoza

The Municipality of Ejea de los Caballeros bets on integration and renovates the Industrias Agapito playground equipment in the main park of the municipality


The first ever Ibizan-style galleon playset installed by the brand makes landfall in the main park of the Zaragoza town of Ejea de los Caballeros. This recreational park, known as Parque Central, is located next to the banks of the Arba de Biel river and has numerous plant species and long paths that are now complemented by a renovated children’s play are themed on the “sea” series. The former playground, installed in 2010 by Industrias Agapito, had already outlived the service for which it was intended. The municipal corporation decided to trust us again for the renovation of the main playground and other secondary playground equipment in order to provide accessibility for children with reduced mobility.

The ship has been upgraded from its standard version  in yellow to the stylish version with Ibizan finish with water-repellent vaccum pressure treated Pine wood structure and HDPE panels in white color and blue seafaring motifs such as an anchor, sea waves, lifebelts, portholes or cheerful jumping fish.

barco pirata para parques infantiles inclusivos Aragón
The upgrade of the children’s equipment consists of a new deck structure that ensures access for wheelchairs. This innovation will now delight all the children of the municipality, since the new ship is adapted for functional diversity, where they can enjoy engravings and decorations that stimulate their imagination.

 The educational games adapted for children with disabilities include a Braille clock, an alphabet panel with sign language, an accessible helm, Math-quiz and a fruit finder in English. Moreover, the fishing-themed ship includes areas for gatherings and games, tables and benches that promote socialization, an access gangway for brave cabin boys, a net and a climbing ladder, a red polyethylene slide, a climbing wall, several lookouts and an original pirate photocall.

Another children’s game that was incorporated into the new project was the rotating bowl, also suitable for reduced mobility and consisting of a galvanized steel structure with a tilted rotation that wraps around the child and helps to contain them inside. While playing, this tilting helps motor coordination as the child has to balance with the turning of the carousel.

 Among the elements that remain in the play area are the inclusive mixed tribox swing (featuring a folding and rigid harness that facilitates the seating of children with reduced mobility), the Little Fish slide, the double spring rider and the wave labyrinth (with engraved decoration that stimulates the play of babies and toddlers).

 Thanks to their robust construction and the quality of the materials used (galvanized steel for the swing structure or high-density polyethylene for the springs and the labyrinth), these vandal-proof playground equipment are safe and durable for long periods of time.


Imagination and integration in inclusive playgrounds

 Regarding the pavement, which meets the requirements of the European standard for playgrounds EN1176-7:200, it has also been renewed by Industrias Agapito. As for the installation of the new playground equipment, the Municipality of Ejea de los Caballeros opted for our EPDM flooring with the possibility of combining different colors and shapes.

 Our expert team of installers executed the colorful design previously created by our technical team, making an incredible simulation of the arrival of the pirate ship to a tropical island through a composition in colors such as lemon yellow for the beach, various shades of blue and green for the sea and vegetation, and orange for the decoration of crustaceans and fishes..

 In addition, and to complete the range of inclusive games, a hopscotch and several 3D tacks have been incorporated into the project of this new inclusive playground. These fun mounds, which simulate stones on the shore, also promote balance for the Ejea children, who can now enjoy the new inclusive playground we have installed.

 In short, the Parque Central in Ejea de los Caballeros represents our effort to design, manufacture and install a series of elements for inclusive playgrounds that take into account the functional diversity of many children, promoting spaces of coexistence in equality and in which different abilities are not a barrier to it.

 This inclusive series shows Industrias Agapito’s commitment to the manufacture of playground equipment, multigames and swings adapted for everyone in safe conditions, promoting spaces for coexistence and relationships among children with different abilities.