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  • Date: March 2019.
  • Location: Moscow, Russia.
  • Project: Medieval fortress.

A fortress in Moscow! A 215 square-meter Medieval Castle.

Moscow strengthens its defenses with the theme castle for unique playgrounds, the Great Fortress R4264PA.

The city of Moscow has installed an impressive medieval castle for unique playgrounds consisting of eight towers, one of which is over 7 meters high, two spiral tube slides, two polyethylene slides and seventeen additional sets.

This medieval-inspired children’s theme castle is full of original details designed to stimulate children’s imagination and social skills in a fun and safe theme park.

Accessing the Great Tower of the King in this unique multi-play structure will not be easy, children will have to climb climbing walls, cross bridges, mislead the guards of the castle towers, crawl through the secret tunnel and cross the suspension bridge to avoid being captured and locked in the dungeon.

In case of escape, children can leave this giant children’s castle by using the spiral tube slide and the L-shaped tube slide, the open polyethylene and stainless-steel slides or by sliding down the fire bar. Fun in this unique playground is guaranteed!

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